Thursday, October 12, 2006

A little break for bas-ket-ball.

The greatest indictment against Kevin McHale’s career running the T-Wolves is his failure to give Kevin Garnett any rebounding support. Garnett has led the NBA in rebounds per game the last three years. However, look at the people who led in rebounds per game in previous years: From 92-98, Dennis Rodman. 00 and 01, Mutumbo. 02 and 03, Wallace. For 11 of 12 seasons the league’s best rebounder was a player not expected to score a ton of points for his team. Garnett is by far the T-Wolves best player and scorer, but he’s been on his own for rebounding. McHale has actually done a solid job bringing in guards and swingmen to support KG, but KG has never had another good rebounder to play with, and he’s rarely even had competent rebounders. Once again, McHale has given KG some solid guards, but all close-to-the basket production is going to be expected to come from KG. You can see how this is wearing Garnett down, mentally and physically.

You know, “swingman” seems a natural way to describe a basketball player, but “swingmen” just sounds odd.


  1. Anonymous11:00 AM

    It felt so good to see even pre-season highlights on Sports Center. A pleasent suprise.

  2. Garnett needs some scoring help also. Hell he needs any help, in general.