Wednesday, October 18, 2006

New NBA rookies....hmm, new NBA rookies.

The NBA season is coming right on up, and it's time to list of which new rookies we should root for and why. Reasoning is ridiculous and arbitrary, just like life.

Adam Morrison: Why do we root for him? Because he has a poster of Marx on his wall. Adam Morrison fans of the world, unite! From Adam Morrison, according to his abilities, and cheers to Adam Morrison, according to his deeds. There is a specter looming over the NBA, and it is Adam Morrison.

Randy Foye: Randy Foye is a new Timberwolf, the latest in Kevin McHale's attempt to surround Keven Garnett with talented guards while leaving him on his own to rebound, defend, and score near the basket. But we will root for Mr. Foye.

Thabo Sefolosha: I had not heard of this man in my life. Then I got a card of him yesterday. He's from Switzerland. Switzerland is neutral. That's sort of cool. So we should root for him.

Jordan Farmar: the UCLA hero who took the Bruins all the way to the title game last year, he should be just what the Lakers need. He's a point guard who can handle the ball and defend; add him to last year's Laker team and maybe they beat the Suns in the playoffs.

But I'm just a hoser; for real NBA knowledge, you should turn to FreeDarko.

In other news, I finally acquired Chester Taylor for the Experience. It's been a long and bitter journey filled with all sorts of lies and deceit coming from all directions, but he is finally on the squad.

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  1. Like the lies and deciets that you actually thought I was getting the better player. I know your games.

    I got 3 packs of Topps the other day, looking for only one card...a JJ Redick...I not only got the Redick, but it was the Gold Redick numbered out of 500.