Sunday, June 24, 2007

Fantasy Preview: the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The premise is simple: I'll tell you what players you can confidently start the season with, and what players should cause your stomach to wobble if you have to start them.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers
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Joey Galloway (WR): you may not know it, but Galloway has been a good fantasy WR in recent years. He’s not great, and he is getting old, but he’s a viable #2 wide receiver in any fantasy league.

Cadillac Williams has not proven consistent enough to be a starting fantasy RB. In 2005 he had some good games and solid final numbers, but he was maddeningly inconsistent, putting up games of 13, 20, 29, 20, and 23 yards; you don’t want your starting RB giving you so many dud games. In 2006 the dud games were much more frequent and he only scored 1 TD all season (though he was on a team with bad quarterbacking and bad blocking). I do count around 20 RBs I’d rather start than Williams, so in a deep league, that makes Williams a possible starter. But I’m just saying, if I’m the person starting him, I probably want to throw up all over the place (and if Williams is one of your two best RBs, it likely means you got too drunk during your draft to make competent picks, making it all the more likely you’ll want to vomit). Williams would be a good backup RB for you: he’s talented and I still have high hopes for him. But he’s just been too inconsistent and unproductive to be a confident week one start.

Not long ago the Tampa Bay defense was easily the top fantasy defense. I just don’t see it anymore: it’s a solid unit, but not a great fantasy unit.

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