Monday, June 25, 2007

Being a Viking fan means never really losing faith (blizzard)

There's a lot of pessimism about the Vikings now, you can still find the legendary wild optimism of Viking fans. Skol Vikes predicts the Vikings in the NFC championship game, and the Daily Norseman gets incensed any time a national news source disrespects the Vikings. Honestly, I never go into a Viking season without some vague, obscure hope that this is the year they win the Super Bowl. This season is no different. I don't care how insane, irrational, or incompetent this belief is; I don't care how much respect you lose for me when I say so. But I am going into this season hoping the Vikings win the Super Bowl, and for me "hope" isn't an airy dreamy word. This is the only way I can live.

Football Outsiders looks at the Empty Double Slants.

Moderately Cerebral Bias wonders whether bloggers are really doing any better than the mainstream media covering athletes.

Sports Media Watch looks at what sports ratings actually show and how they are usually perceived.

Bucky Brooks ranks NFL WRs based on how he thinks they'll perform in 2007. I won't tell you what parts of it I find senseless: I do find parts of his list quite senseless, but as I've said, I'm paranoid and I don't want anybody in my auction fantasy league to know how I feel about any of these players.

Wages of Wins looks at the help Michael Jordan had in winning championships.

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  1. Anonymous10:23 AM

    is bucky brooks the dumbest sports writer going? in what sort of strange fantasy world is donald driver better than torry holt? larry fitzgerald? is it the bald thing? the aliteration?