Thursday, June 28, 2007

Arguably the Stupidest Post in the History of this Blog

On ESPN's Draft Cast, Corey Brewer just came on to interview on the Live Draft Chat. Predictably, some jackass from Florida asked the weather question: "what's it going to be like to play in a place that is below freezing more often than not during basketball season?"

As a defensive Minnesotan with a geographic inferiority complex, I thought, "You moron. Is that all you think of Minnesota? It's not that damn cold here."

So I checked.

According to, on average November has 23 days below freezing, December 30, January 31, February 28, and March 25.

That's a lot of days, but of course it gets cold at night. Most of those days it's above freezing during the day, right?

According to, on average "the Twin Cities have maximum temperatures of below freezing point on 76 days out of the year." So there are 76 days a year in the Twin Cities when the temperature never even gets above freezing.

Alright, it's damn cold here. Welcome to Minnesota, Corey Brewer.

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  1. Will KG be playing in Minny next year? That is the real question.