Monday, February 11, 2008

Why I'm not renewing my Viking season tickets (Blizzard)

Viking Tickets

If I renew my season tickets, it will cost about $500. I would then have tickets to all of the games, including the preseason games that I don't want to go to. Parking fees add the total to around $600. Furthermore, attending a Viking game can transform a three hour television experience into a six to nine hour day. And I don't even know the precise schedule yet: Monday night games would be tricky for me to attend.

And there is a better solution. In 2007, I got fairly comfortable in the Metrodome area. I also know that there are folks selling tickets near the Metrodome.

Instead of committing to $600 for Viking game attendence, why don't I remove the obligation but still go to games? I estimate that if I want to go to four home games next season, I could do so for as little as $140 (possibly more depending on ticket availability). I could go to games when I want to, without the requirement to go to every game. I'd still get a lot of great experiences seeing the Vikes play live, but I also don't have to commit the time eight days a year (especially during a college semester). And now that I feel comfortable navigating the area, I know that if games get blacked out, I can still easily get down to the Dome for a game.

I liked being a Viking season ticket holder. I'm afraid I like being cheap more. I can save money, gain freedom, and still attend games when I want to.


Adrian Peterson gaining 129 yards and getting Pro Bowl MVP is the only thing that could possibly make me regret not watching the game...and I still don't regret not watching the game (Star Tribune).

Brad Childress talks about how Adrian Peterson can improve (Star Tribune). Specifically, "Two areas in which Childress wants to see Peterson progress are in his pass protection and in making reads while running the ball." When Peterson develops into an adequate pass blocker, and when consistently shows willingness to take a 3-6 yard gain rather than always busting for a big play, he's going to be a near flawless running back. I'd also like to see him more involved as a pass catcher next season: he's such a dynamic open field runner, why not try devise more plays that put Peterson in space?

Peter King's MMQB is much more enjoyable in the off-season, when you're desperate for football conversation, than during the season, when you're immersed in the sport and you can find good football conversation anywhere.

William Rhoden writes about the NCAA's need for policies to promote minority football coaches.

MJD comments on Tiki Barber's comments on the Super Bowl winning Giants.

As Cathy from the The Kids in the Hall sketch says, "Mondays, huh?" Enjoy your day.

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  1. Anonymous11:19 AM

    It will become much easier to use Peterson as a receiver when he becomes better at pass protection; it's really hard to to have a running back who is poor at pass protection on the field in passing situations, because it signals that the pass is designed to go to Peterson.

    Good decision on the tickets, by the way. When I lived in Minnesota, I scalped playoff tickets well below face value several times.