Thursday, February 28, 2008

Vikes in Free Agency

The Star Tribune reports the Vikes will likely be pursuing some recognizable free agents. If they're able to get Bernard Berrian, Madieu Williams, and Justin Smith, I will learn to love them all.

The idea of Bernard Berrian is growing on me.


  1. Anonymous11:23 AM

    I sure as heck wished they had pursued Patrick Kearney last year, as opposed to Justin Smith this year. Sometimes I think coaches, like Frazier, put too much emphasis on getting guys they have coached before, but I can't dispute that Frazier has greater knowledge of Smith than I do, so who knows?

    They should just go ahead, bite the bullet, and overpay for Berrian. Unless they get somebody who can occasionally force opposing d-coordibators to keep only seven in the box, they will have a tough time getting to eight wins again. Berrian has as much promise to do so as anybody else they are likely to acquire.

    I am very concerned that Mckinnie is going to face a substantial suspension and thus one of the strengths of this team is going to become a question mark that needs to be addressed.

  2. Anonymous1:15 PM

    If Bernard Berrian is a Viking at the money he is wanting out of Chicago I will flip. He is not worth the money he wants.

    How about Kearse? He may have lost a step but he isn't that old and why not give him a shot?

    Hold out to see if Walker gets cut from Denver and then pay for him. He will get the ball and he can only help with the Sidney Rice integration on the offense as Walker demands the attention.

    Seriously folks. Did anyone watch the Bears last year? I saw at least 3 games where Berrian "dropped" easy tossed balls to him. I do not want the Vikings overpaying for a butter-hands WR that has yet to prove he is a solid #1 WR.

    I would rather offer Cleveland or Arizona 2 first round picks and more if necessary to get Edwards or Fitzgerald. If we are going to win it is going to be in the next 2-4 years (AP's prime) so bite the bullet and overpay that way for a guaranteed stud WR.

  3. HH: do you think elite, or even moderately talented, WRs are clamoring to come catch passes from Tarvaris Jackson? If the Vikes want to get a moderately good WR, they'll have to overpay. Fitzgerald and Edwards are unrealistic, though Walker is a possibility.

    Berrian might have drops, but he was also actually productive--he did catch 71 passes. If they want a player like him, they have to overpay.

    And since WR is the Vikings' most desperate need, if they have to overpay to fill it, I don't care.

  4. Anonymous2:47 PM

    To get Fitzgerald or Edwards to be happy about catching passes from Tavaris Jackson, you'd have to give them so much money in a contract extension that, along with the draft picks sacrificed, it would be extraordinarily risky for the future of the team, if they suffered a career ending injury. No receiver who is willing to come here is going to do it merely for what he is worth, and if Berrian bombs out, a wasted 12 million dollar bonus is painful, but not utterly disastrous.

    Oh, they should definitely work Kearse out, but I strongly suspect that his knees are shot.

  5. Anonymous3:52 PM

    Seriously, while Tarvaris is by no means a great quarterback can we blame everything on him. If Eli Manning had that WR corp he would suck even more (look at his completion percentage), with not one threatening WR teams can just make Tarvaris look horrible. Seriously, 9 guys in the box. Throw Larry Fitzgerald in there and it helps in so many ways. Less guys in the box help the running game, also buys Tarvaris more time when running a pass play (via less rush pressure).

    I for one am beginning more and more to think that WR help make the QB and sometimes it is the other way around. The best thing to help Tarvaris would be to get an Edwards or Fitzgerald (or heck spend almost all you money just bringing Randy Moss back...I don't care tamper with him right now...tell him how much of an idiot McCombs was and how much we miss him).

    I want Randy Moss and I think it would be smart for Moss to come here. Superb running game, great defense, and a QB that will throw him the ball. I have more faith in Tarvaris Jackson being more successful with Moss than Culpepper was. That is right. I think Tarvaris would be better.

    Pay through the nose to bring Randy back. Randy knows he is loved here. I WANT RANDY!!!

    Okay that was totally a rant with no logic and just a bunch of words, but seriously I want Randy Moss (of course all Vikings fans probably do, but know it just isnt a real possibility).

  6. Don't know if Walker would want to play on the same team as Robert Ferguson...or Tito.
    Also, he's a malcontent. Your team is doing a great job with the house cleaning...I don't know if you want to take two steps back.
    Why not go after Derek Anderson or Trent Green (with extra padding in the helmet) instead. I agree that the Freak would be a good addition and that Berrian would be a waste of money. What about DJ Hackett?

  7. Anonymous4:07 PM

    I don't want Derek Anderson wearing the Purple and Gold. Period. I think he is an average QB at best whose offensive talent made him look better than he was. I think Brady Quinn as a rookie would have been better this year as a rookie than Derek Anderson was.

    Trent Green would be good as a backup, but if you are brining him in as a starter then you are officially saying Tarvaris Jackson is not going to be a starter for us again and you might as well draft a QB in this draft to replace him with the 1st or 2nd rounder.

    Here is where I am going on purely a hunch. But word (via PFT) is that Hackett might already have a deal in place (see Tampering) with a team. I am guessing that he will be wearing the Purple and Gold next year and if that is the case I couldn't be happier. I would be happier with Hackett (see less money than Berrian) than Berrian and think he could do great things. Plus, think about the bad blood between Seattle and Minnesota. Hackett coming here just makes sense in the whole tit-for-tat battle between these two franchises.

  8. Anonymous4:17 PM

    My dream, some people's nightmare:

    The Vikings sign Daunte Culpepper on the cheap (seriously no one is signing him to be a starter but rather a backup...lets sign him to be our starter..yes I would give up on Tarvaris in this scenerio)

    The Vikings sign Randy Moss. (Both Moss and Culpepper realize they were good together...of course Moss knows things are better with New England, but for some reason the Patriots seem like a team on the decline while the Vikes are on the rise with youth..Moss and Culpepper part II).

    We have the cap space to sign Culpepper on the cheap and get Moss at the value we were paying him before plus some. Seriously, imagine them added to the team that now has all the strength that the early 2000s teams lacked.


    (If this happened I might video myself peeing my pants and post it on youtube and link to it, just so everyone would believe I peed my pants in joy)

  9. I'm being made irrelevant: I thought I was this blog's completely irrational, pie-in-the-sky wisher.

  10. Anonymous4:23 PM


    Come Free Agency period (and the draft for that matter), will almost alway supplant you as the craziest irrational pie-in-the-sky contributor to this blog. Only difference is I am not going to post those (well at least I probably am not going to) thoughts, only let them out on the comment sections.