Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Midweek Blizzard: Kenechi Udezi has leukemia

Kenechi Udeze
Viking defensive end Kenechi Udeze has leukemia (Star Tribune, Pioneer Press, Sports Illustrated, Viking Update, Fanhouse, Ragnarok, Daily Norseman, Viking War Cry, The Viking Age, Viking Vixen, Skol Vikes, The National Anthem Before A Cubs Game). Thoughts and Prayers for Udeze.

Sentences from emails regarding Art Monk
RK: he was basically al toon. you can quote me--art monk equals al toon.

PV: I'd probably take 10 active WRs over him. He was probably the Wes Welker of his generation.

I don't like to hear this about future Viking Brady Quinn
Allegedly, Brady Quinn used a gay slur during a conflict (Fanhouse).

UPDATE: Quinn denies the altercation and the word (SI).

A few other links
The New York Times reports on cock fighting in the Dominican Republic.

Britt Robson writes on "Getting Past the Garnett Hangover."


  1. Anonymous5:17 PM

    JM Coetzee's new 'novel' comments on the absurdity of humanly killing an animal. I continue to see no difference between cock fighting and what goes on at chicken farms except chicken farms are probably more cramped, probably view the birds as more expendable. I say if you're going to kill them and cook them you may as well fight them and have your buddies over to watch the fights and they can all gamble on the fights. Why not?