Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Midweek Blizzard

First of all, how dare you suggest I've been mailing in the effort on this blog lately. Where do you get the nerve to suggest that I go through a brief period at the end of the football season when sports doesn't inspire me? Why would you suggest I've devoted my energies primarily to my family, my teaching job, and watching TV shows on DVD? Where do you get off?

On to a few links.

Grant's Tomb discusses the Viking wide receiver situation. Frankly I spend too much time mulling what the Vikings should or will do to upgrade and improve the wide receiver position. It's clearly the team's biggest need (bigger than any issue on the defensive side, like the need to upgrade pass rushers and defensive backs, in my opinion). What can they do? How should they do it? If somehow the 2008 Viking receiving corps featured Javon Walker, D. J. Hackett, and Sidney Rice, with Bobby Wade doing some nice slot work, I'd probably... well, I've grown bored trying to find a creative metaphor to describe how ecstatic I'd be.

Pro-football-reference.com has some interesting stuff on game winning touchdowns.

William Rhoden writes about the Nets losing Jason Kidd, their identity. What do you do when your favorite NBA team loses its iconic figure? Sometime in February, you probably catch a locally broadcast game, look at the team that has lost about 80% of its games, and just feel nothing. But really, I'm not entirely sure the Nets didn't get more for Kidd than the Wolves got for KG.

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