Friday, February 15, 2008

Alge Crumpler

According to Fanhouse, playmaking tight end Alge Crumpler is now available. Crumpler, who hasn't really played with good passing quarterbacks, still managed to average 13.3 yards per reception in Atlanta. That's a tight end that can get downfield and make plays. If you want a comparison, the best TE of this era, Tony Gonzalez, has a career average of 12.1 yards per catch and has never had a single season matching Crumpler's career average. Considering Crumpler is 30 and had his best years from '04-'06, I think he's got game left. And I would love for the Vikings to sign him. They definitely need a pass catcher with Crumpler's abilities.

The Fanhouse post also notes Byron Leftwich is available. Though I don't think his style fits the Vikings' current offense, they are in desperate need of (at the very least) a backup for Tarvaris Jackson. Leftwich's presence among available QBs at least deepens the available pool--giving the Vikes a slightly better chance to pursue a different QB they might want.


  1. I remember reading a piece by SI's Dr. Z a while back where he criticized Crumpler for dropping too many balls.

    If that's the case, he's got the skill set the Vikings seem to be looking for at this position – road graders who can block but can't get open (Kleinsasser and Dugan) and athletic-looking guys who can't catch (Shiancoe).

  2. Anonymous5:50 PM

    Two years ago I had Crumpler on my fantasy team and he was a beast. Also, go check the achrive to see just how often Dr. Z has been wrong. I guess better and for a whole lot less money.

    If the Vikings don't sign him tonight they've missed a golden opportunity.

  3. Crumpler has been to four Pro Bowls, and from '04 to '06 averaged 56 receptions, 810 yards, and 6 touchdowns. Any comparison with Shiancoe ends with "they're both tight ends." And even if he does drop some balls, there aren't a lot of TEs currently with a 13.3 career per catch average--even Antonio Gates is just below that. Crumpler produces--he's much better than any of the current Viking TEs.

  4. Anonymous10:27 PM

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  5. Crumpler supporters - remember, part of the reason he had such good numbers from '04-'06 is because Mike Vick suffered from a chronic (heh, heh) inability to spot any WR downfield. Sure, he's a good TE, but I'm not sure he's that much better than the guys the Vikings have. Considering the financial investment in the other TEs and the number of other holes to be filled on that team, the dollars could better be used elsewhere.

  6. What bigger need do the Vikes have than quality pass catchers? Going into 2008, their top priorities need to be improving the pass offense (if they're sticking with Jackson, that means adding quality pass catchers) and improving the pass defense (adding pass rushing defensive ends and probably some defensive backs). I'd say a good pass catching TE is precisely the sort of player the Vikes should go for. It doesn't necessarily mean Shiancoe never plays or is finished (I don't dislike Shiancoe as a player), but it's helpful to add pass catching talent.