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Sunday Night Super Blizzard

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On the Couch: Super Bowl

2008 HOF debate: why Cris Carter is better than Art Monk

Sunday Night's Reaction
"Ten things we learned from the Giants' Super Bowl win" (Jeffri Chadiha)

"Is a lack of Super Bowls keeping ex-Vikings out of the Hall?" (Grant's Tomb)

"Super Bowl XLII Snap Judgments (Don Banks)

Banks also thinks Cris Carter should have been elected to the Hall of Fame, saying "the smooth-as-silk Carter was one player I would have paid money to watch perform." Banks also notes, "I'm glad Art Monk made the Hall of Fame. If only because it now puts the cottage industry known as the Art-Monk-deserves-to-be-in-the-Hall-of-Fame Washington lobbyist group out of business." That's something that has bothered me: Monk backers (primarily Washington fans) writing that it's so obvious Monk should be in the HOF and that the selectors who don't vote for him are utter fools. The logical argument isn't all in Monk's favor: in his 16 season career (really 15), there were only three seasons that Monk's peers thought he was one of the four best players, at his position, in his conference. Yet Monk supporters carry on as if morons are perpetuating an obvious injustice. Now that's thankfully over.

"Justin Tuck Deserved to Be MVP" (JJ Cooper)

He was dominant in the first half, but for the entire game, the defensive domination came from all over the Giants' line: I have a hard time crediting it all to Tuck. I think Manning is worthy choice.

"Burress Scored the Game-Winner, but Tyree Was the Giants Best Receiver This Night" (Ryan Wilson)

That Manning to Tyree throw is now one of the most memorable plays in Super Bowl history.

"SB XLII: Simply the Greatest Super Bowl Ever" (JJ Cooper)

We're in an age where any close Super Bowl game immediately gets called the best ever. There have been other close Super Bowls, and there have been other Super Bowls with big fourth quarter lead changes. If this is the greatest ever, it's for the dramatic finish AND the amazing upset. But I don't think it's the greatest ever.

CHFF talks, HOF voters listen (Cold, Hard Football Facts)

CHFF celebrates that four defensive players are entering the HOF.

"Reflections on an all-time classic" (Cold, Hard Football Facts)

This bit is worth the read: "It’s amazing how one play can change thousands of lives. If the Patriots sack Eli Manning on that third-and-longish play late in the fourth, the Giants probably miss on fourth down and the Patriots win their fourth Super Bowl. A half-second extra in the grasp, and the ref blows the whistle. A half-foot less on the throw, and the Patriots knock the pass down. Instead, it’s complete, and everything changes. Guys will retire that might have come back, and vice versa. Players, coaches, executives make a whole different set of decisions. Everything changes."

"Eli no longer the 'Other' Manning" (Cold, Hard Football Facts)

Well, yeah he is.

"PERFECTION!" (I Dislike Your Favorite Team)

IDYFT channels "Dewey Defeats Truman."

More thoughts (and links) Monday, I'm sure.

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  1. Anonymous6:18 AM

    this game was only an upset because the pats were over hyped. yes at 18-0 overhyped as invincible rather than unbeaten. for a team that hadn't won convincingly in two months. brady scoffing at burress' prediction during super bowl week (turns out plaxico was generous) effectively illustrated the patriots mentality--they'd bought into the hype, they thought they were still scoring 35 points for just showing up. this from a qb who threw three picks in his previous game.

    what running up the score did for the pats early on was it made them look that much greater than anyone else. but they were only padding their stats.

    the patriots had gotten fat and arrogant and cocky. false humility at the podium. this team had become the 01 Rams and now they have joined those Rams.

    the giants were coming into the game the better team. they'd beaten better teams. the nfc as inferior was again hype. packers and cowboys were better than jags and chargers. nfc is loaded. the momentum is turned.