Friday, February 15, 2008

Friday Blizzard

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What was that bang? gets moralistic
At Epic Carnival, wwtb? questions the assumption that congress really does have more important things to do than get involved in pro sports, and wonders why we don't think we have better things to do, too.

On the Vikings
From Access Vikings:

The Vikings want Kenechi Udeze to have privacy. The post notes that Udeze and his wife just had their first child--very sad. I don't care if Udeze ever plays football again; I'll be very happy if he beats cancer and can be there with his daughter as she grows up.

Udeze has the character to fight.

Kevin Seifert speculates on the Vikings' interest in WR Marty Booker. Really, the Vikings are so weak at WR, and the FA pool is so thin, that any available WR needs to be mentioned. I'm still driving the D. J. Hackett train, but last spring I was driving the David Carr train, so you can pretty much discount me entirely if you want.

The Ragnarok considers Bernard Berrian.

Grant's Tomb discusses the Viking offensive line.

My neighbors have been complaining about the horrified screams coming from my house Sunday afternoons. They want the Vikings to part ways with Troy Williamson, too (Fanhouse).

This Footballguys post is about Donovan McNabb and the Eagles, but the stats listed have two interesting notes on the Viking passing game. On the one hand, the Vikings had the highest percentage of yards after the catch in the league: a whopping 66% of their passing yards came on yards after the catch (compare that with teams that are known for good passing games: Seattle 32nd at 28.1%, Indianapolis 30th at 37.4%, New England 29th at 37.6%, Dallas 27th at 38.1%; evidently, team yards after the catch is not a good indicator of teams with good passing games. I've got all sorts of ideas about what this means). And on the other hand, the Vikings were 6th in drop percentage, dropping 6.3% of passes attempted.

And the rest
Football Outsiders' readers give 2007 awards.

Naturally, the NFL is upset that a judge decided Michael Vick can keep the money he already earned (Fanhouse).

Tim Hardaway has changed his attitude about gay people (Fanhouse).

Kids in poor countries get to live in bizarro sports world (Outsports).

MJD doesn't mind congress looking into allegations of cheating in pro football.

Oh, by the way...
Dexter, an excellent show originating on Showtime, is going to be showing on CBS starting Sunday. Your Sundays are now more open: I recommend checking out Dexter. I've previously written about the show at Costanza Book Club if you're interested, but there may be some spoilers toward the end of the post.

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  1. I have heard that Dexter is very violent and well is it going to translate to network tv? Are they editing the episodes or airing them exactly how the aired on Showtime?