Friday, February 08, 2008

Duke vs. UNC

I have a weird sports existence. I was born in Minnesota and doomed to be a fan of the Minnesota Vikings for life, but at the same time when I was in 2nd grade I ended up watching March Madness for the first time and became a fan of Duke. I live in a paradox. One team that never gets over the hump and many consider a loser, the other team is a perennial success and is hated nationally along the lines of the New York Yankees and Notre Dame football. It is interesting. However, I post this video to celebrate Wednesday's victory over rival UNC, but also to recognize how this years team is the closest to the fans I have seen since my 2nd year at Duke Div (the 2005-2006) team, led by JJ and Shelden. I can still remember the team walking down the road to come to the UNC game and everyone cheering. That was fun as a fan. For those of you who hate Duke, I would suggest not watching the video. It will only make you madder to see the Crazies going crazy over a bunch of athletes returning from victory.


  1. Anonymous5:35 PM

    I used to hate Duke. Then Roy Williams left KU for UNC while I was a student there (after declaring a few years previous that he would not do that same thing). Now Duke is by far the lesser of the two evils, and I wish them many happy victories in Chapel Hill.

  2. I have never heard a Duke fan say that Duke is simply the lesser of two evils, usually they embrace the pompous, 'holier than thou' attitude.

    Duke is right behind the Packers on my list.

  3. Anonymous10:04 AM

    Well, I am not a Duke fan. They just lost their place as my most-hated NCAA basketball team.