Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Viking Defense (2)

In an earlier post, I said the 2008 Vikings had a complete defense. To support this claim, I've compiled this list of some statistical assessments and significant defensive categories in which the Vikings ranked top-10 in the league.

Football Outsiders DVOA: #5 (#5 versus pass, #4 versus run)
Cold, Hard Football Facts Hog Index: #4
Advanced NFL Stats Efficiency Ranking: #5
Net Pass Yards Per Attempt Allowed: #8
Pass Touchdowns Allowed: #5
Rush Touchdowns Allowed: #6
Yards Allowed: #6
First Downs Allowed: #4
Passing First Down Percentage: #6
Rushing First Down Percentage: #5
Sacks: #4
Rush Yards Allowed: #1
Rush Yards Per Attempt Allowed: #2
Forced Fumbles: #2
Third Down Percentage: #4

The Vikings were not just excellent at stopping the run. They also rank very highly overall, and what might surprise some people, they rank highly against the pass in some significant categories and metrics, too. The 2008 Minnesota Viking defense was, overall, an excellent defense.


  1. Anonymous12:28 PM

    pretty good when you consider they did it most of the season with 9 players. napoleon harris and darrin sharper were pretty much invisible.

  2. You're absolutely right. I really hope E.J. Henderson recovers to full health, and it's time to see how the Madieu Williams-Tyrell Johnson safety combination is going to be.

    Another crazy thing: in the regular season, the Vikes gave up 11 non-offensive touchdowns (and a 12th in the playoffs). It's amazing to me that a team can get to 10 wins with that sort of performance.

  3. just a note: counts 11 combined return and defensive touchdowns, but I only count 10 non-offensive touchdowns from looking at box scores--I think Atlanta's offensive fumble recovery in the end zone is counted in's stats, which I would credit to the defense.

    Still utterly ridiculous--take 72 points off the total points allowed (Vikes also took an intentional safety), and the Viking defense gave up 16.3 ppg. I know non-offensive TDs cost the Vikings the first Bear game.

  4. I really think that Viking has a pretty decent defense, they just need to practice more and have more communication, that's all