Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Commercial Life

There's a lot of violence, sex, and alcohol in TV commercials during NFL games (ESPN).

This is worth our consideration, but I worry when somebody refers to "our friends at the Federal Communications Commission." Who has friends at the FCC? Though from what I can tell, Common Sense Media appears interested in informing parents and advocating for better media, not in censorship.

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  1. Anonymous11:29 PM

    The pressure to "out advertise" the competition on Superbowl Sunday probably clouds the moral judgement of most companies involved and the enormous expense of air time has to put the companies and advertising reps in position where they have to get the most bang for their advertising buck.

    Besides, beer companies have always hogged the sports ad market and sex has always been a focal point of ad campaigns since the advent of television.

    The NFL has more clout than most governments and a lot more money, if they wanted to censor the ads they would. Superbowl commercials have become part of the experience and are part of the show.

    Ad companies are probably given more leeway just for that reason. Let's face it, the whole experience is about marketing a product. And of course,football as well.

    Although, it is not just a simple football championship any longer. It is an international event. If it were still a simple football game, perhaps tickets would still cost $12.50 to attend the game, like they did in 1967.

    I'm not sure if they can absolutely calculate the revenue that will be associated with the game on a national and worldwide level. "Commercial life", indeed.

  2. Anonymous12:34 AM

    Advertising Age has an article about Super Bowl ads (that shouldn't surprise anybody, it's a magazine about advertising. The Superbowl like they're Superbowl. Hi-Oh!). They say the ad spots are worth the money. Yes, I read Advertising Age. I work at a library.
    Broadcasting & Cable + Advertising Age = Awesome.

    Also, we get to look forward to Cash4Gold ads, starring MC Hammer himself! It's crazy that they can afford such a relevent celebrity, huh?

  3. Anonymous12:36 AM

    Ah! "They're" Superbowl!?!?!?! I'll slap myself for you.

    Their Superbowl.