Saturday, January 03, 2009

No Blackout

The Star Tribune reports that the Viking-Eagle playoff game will be televised.

I will be at the game, screaming and hollering for the Vikings.


  1. Anonymous9:44 PM

    Bravo! Have fun screaming for the Vikes at the game. Side thought, I'm so glad Arizona beat Atlanta, it just shows how little the sports media knows. Hopefully, tomorrow the Vikes can prove the media bias wrong too.

  2. Anonymous10:45 PM

    Again, with the Chargers beating the Colts, the sports media is proven wrong. Wow, all the networks will be eating there words tomorrow!

    I do feel really bad for Manning. OT rules suck. The NFL really should give both teams a possession in OT. Manning feels hopelessly frustrated right now, he couldn't do anything, I feel bad for him. Anyone know what percent of teams win OT if they win the toss?

  3. The keys to that game were the Charger punter (I don't see how he could have done better) and the Charger run blocking (pass blocking was iffy, run blocking was consistently good).