Wednesday, January 21, 2009

1969 Vikings

They were the third best Super Bowl loser of all-time, sayeth Chase Stuart at Does this make you feel good or bad? I feel bad.


  1. Anonymous7:46 PM

    Makes me feel bad. That was one of the best all around teams in NFL history. Positively the best defense. They were unbelievable.
    They were completely dominant in every game except the Superbowl that year, even in the 2 regular season games they lost.

    133 points allowed for the entire season (14 games)and an offense that scored almost 400 points 379)?. I know they broke the 50 point barrier in at least 3 games.

    Forgive me because I am trying to remember this off the top of my head. Mr. Stuart was mistaken though because I think he mentioned Chuck Foreman in his article and Chuck was not on that team.

    Davey Osborne and Bill Brown were the starting backfield for the Vikes that year.

    I just remember feeling sick watching the game because Kansas City simply was not as good a team as Minnesota and they dominated the game. Still bothers me to no end. Some wounds never heal.

  2. Anonymous8:31 PM

    The 69' team was not the most talented Vikings team player for player. But they were the best team.

    That 69' Vikes defense was as talented as any team I have seen.
    Wasn't that the year Alan Page won the league MVP. I believe the entire front four went to the pro bowl that year.

    They were a virtual Vikings ring of honor. To answer the question you posed. Yes, I do feel bad.

    Of all the let downs and tough losses we Viking fans have had to deal with, that team losing to the Chiefs was the toughest.

    I feel that was the best chance we have ever had to win the Superbowl to this point in the teams history.

  3. Anonymous10:17 AM

    Page, Marshall, Eller, Larsen, Krause. All familiar names to any long time football fan. That 69' team was loaded on D. A team full of hitters.

    The team had somewhere around 30 interceptions in 14 games and the uncanny knack of forcing fumbles and blocking kicks seemingly at will.

    Long time Viking Roy Winston was on that team and Lonnie Warwick was a ferocious middle linebacker, who did not get much national pub because he played in the same division as Butkus, Nitschke & Mike Lucci of the Lions.

    Long time Viking big play maker Bobby Bryant was also on that squad, I remember Karl Kassulke almost broke Lion QB Greg Landry in half on a safety blitz, on one of the all time hits ever delivered in an NFL game.

    They were exceptional and should have had at least one ring from that group.

  4. Anonymous7:13 PM

    The 1969 Vikings were a great team. Their defense was awesome but their offense was suspect........however the 1969 K/C defense was also great and only gave up 188 pts and they had much more talent on offense......The K/C defense simply overpowered the Vikings offensive line.....and Minnesota had too many turn-overs

  5. Anonymous4:56 PM

    sorry to say, but the 69 team,yes,was an excellant team,but to be honest the chiefs were bigger, tougher,faster, had an imaginative offense and were simply better. if you compare them man to man, one teams offense to the other,than the chiefs win handily... qb-dawson way better than kapp, runners, garrett bobby holmes,mcvea and wendell hayes as a group were better than osborne,brown,jones etc... receiver, otis taylor is one of the all time greats,him and frank pitts better than gene washington and john henderson... fred arbanas is as good or better than john beasly at TE. offensive line,as a group, jim tyrer,dave hill,ed budde,mo moorman,and ej holub are superior to vellone, sunde, tinglehoff... kicking game, no comparison. the chiefs had the greatest kicking game in fottball history up to that point jan stenerud,best PK of his time, and jerrel wilson(thunderfoot)best punter of his time,maybe all time. on defense,yes vikings line was great, but so wsa the chiefs. buch buchanan one of all time great tackles. curley culp was awesome at tackle,he went on later to the oilers to become maybe the best nose tackle ever... at ends,jerry mays and aaron brown were brutal, (ask joe kapp) at linebackers,sorry,no contest, chiefs had two hall of famers,(easily could be three) willie lanier, bobby bell and jim lynch... in secondary, emmitt thomas probably best corner of his time outside of wiliie brown,jim marsalis excellant rookie corner, at safety, notmany better than johnny robinson(who played the SB with cracked ribs and recovered a fumble and had a int),and jim kearny.... again, viking fans are overlooking why they lost... the kc chiefs were a team on a crusade and they had too much talent...

  6. hahaha I've gotta agree with you buddy on this, they were actually the third best Super Bowl loser of all-time, pretty interesting article, I hope I can keep reading posts like this one!