Sunday, January 04, 2009

Playoff Game Day

Please share your personal experiences and football observations here before, during, and after the Viking game.

Football is fun, but devotion to a team sometimes transcends the concept of fun into something else.  It's a spiritual experience, an immersion into Fate, connecting your being to an event beyond your own will.  I expect to spend Sunday a nervous wreck (I've been physically nervous for the Vikes for days, not to mention the added tension of dealing with getting tickets and such).

In Saturday's playoff games, the road teams came in with better records, but the home teams won.  Hopefully Thunderdome is Thunderdome.


  1. Anonymous11:23 AM

    "Apparently there is nothing that cannot happen today." Mark Twain

    The Vikes better show up!

  2. Game over, there's 6 min left but there's no way Andy Reid blows this 2 score lead and with 6 minutes left there's no way Tjack marches down twice to score. Hell, give Tjack 12 minutes, I'll still be he couldn't get two scores.

    Here's my question: How does your defense only allow 9 points for 3.5 quarters of a game against a high powered offense that put up 40+ on Dallas...and LOSE THE GAME?

    I feel like the SNL skit "REALLY?! with Seth & Amy". I just keep saying REALLY? to myself all game. REALLY Brad? You can't manage a playoff game? REALLY?

  3. I honestly thought this game situation couldn't get worse. At 3:10 Matt Birk let's loose a joke of a shotgun snap and Eagles get the ball. Honestly, I really thought the game was as bad as it could get, and again the vikings proved me wrong.

  4. Anonymous7:38 PM

    No worries, the Vikes couldn't convert on 3rd downs. They had no drives in the 2nd half to get within FG range... pathetic... The Eagles deserved to win based on their 2nd half play and I'm not sure if the Vikes couldn't convert on 3rd because of execution or playcalling probably both!! Well at least we can all now just relax!! No wonder the Dome barely sold out, lol! But it sure was loud!