Friday, January 02, 2009

Ticket Update

Access Vikings reports there are 3,100 tickets left to sell to avoid a blackout, but the NFL has given the Vikings another extension to 24 hours before kickoff.

As I previously noted, the cheapest tickets are sold out, and only expensive tickets are left (Judd Zulgad says there are $80 tickets remaining, but at a Ticketmaster location I was told all remaining tickets were $120 or more.  Either way, the point is the same).

I wonder how many other fans want to go to the game but are unable or unwilling to pay $120 to do so.  It is not that there aren't a bunch of fans that want to go to the game, but that there aren't enough fans willing to pay a high price to do so.

Now that the weekend is here, I'm more optimistic the game will sell out.  Perhaps a fair number of people didn't want to commit to the game too far in advance (holiday plans, Minnesota weather), but will be ready to now that the weekend is upon us.  Still, $120 is a lot of money (today I was setting up an outing to the game with some family and friends, but we balked at the high price of tickets).  


  1. Anonymous11:36 AM

    Why won't these tickets sell? There's been a thorn in my side this week as I've been hearing people say "if the we (Packers, Bears, or Eagles) had a home playoff game, the tickets would be sold out in 30 minutes, etc... etc..."keep pouring that salt on the wound! Is there truth to that statement and why? Is the Vikes stadium or fans, and obviously the economy causing this lack of enthusiasm over buying tickets? I'm not from Minnesota, have never been to the stadium, if anyone can shed some light on this predicament please explain. Thanks and Skol Vikes!

  2. I think it's cultural. Bear and Packer fans have been going to watch their team play for eight or nine decades (and they started before TV, so attendance probably got ingrained into the fan culture moreso than it did for the Vikings). Bear and Packer fan have famous outdoor stadiums to go watch their teams play in (the Metrodome is a good place for football, but it is not a draw in itself).

    I don't know if the core group of hardcore Viking fans is smaller than the core group of hardcore Bear fans, or Packer fans, or whatever. What I think, though, is that the core group of fans that consider attending games a vital part of their fandom is smaller.

    I've also argued that Viking fans have been abused to the point we expect disappointment, and now there aren't enough people to go pay $120 to be disappointed in person:

  3. Turns out I get to go to the game after all (in a group of five going down to the dome with four tickets, looking for one more).