Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Peyton Manning and Steve Young

After yet another disappointing playoff loss for the Colts, I'm reminded of wwtb?'s Epic Carnival post last year paralleling the careers of Peyton Manning and Steve Young.

Like Manning, Young led the league in major categories multiple times, won multiple MVPs, quarterbacked elite offenses, and led teams to an amazing number of regular season wins. One could argue that from 1992 to 1998, Steve Young played quarterback better than anybody in history; during that stretch the 49ers won a Super Bowl, but also lost a lot of disappointing playoff games.

Let's take the parallel further:

(Steve Young/Peyton Manning) was eliminated from the playoffs twice by the (Dallas Cowboys/New England Patriots) before finally overcoming his rival in a Super Bowl season; after that, (Steve Young/Peyton Manning) lost multiple playoff games to a new rival, the (Green Bay Packers/San Diego Chargers).

But Steve Young is left-handed, so he's much cooler.

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