Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Blizzard: In Soviet Russia, Super Bowl watches you!

Players becoming coaches (Star Tribune).

Kenechi Udeze (Pioneer Press)

About a month ago I told my wife I hate the Timberwolves, that thinking about them just makes me sick or angry or sad and I wish they would relocate so I could call myself a Celtic fan, or at least change their colors from the dull blue and green. Then they went on a tear (Randball).

Some Super Bowl players would be excited to win and meet Barack Obama (Sports Illustrated).

Steeler Defense and legacy (Don Banks).

Kurt Warner and Ben Roethlisberger, not in their first Super Bowl, wanting a better performance than last time (Michael Silver). I think this is a bigger deal for Roethlisberger's legacy--he really sucked in his first Super Bowl. The Steelers are a defense-oriented team, but Roethlisberger can take big steps toward making a legacy on Sunday.

Cold, Hard Football Facts interviews Bart Starr.

Free Matt Leinart! (Pro Football Weekly).

Outsports helps those who may watch the Super Bowl but don't know anything about it.

State of the Blog
--When I started blogging, using a pseudonym seemed natural. But now I start to feel sheepish, attempting serious critiques of sportswriters while using a funny nickname, and having serious discussions about sports which require people to refer to me by said nickname. Somewhere along the line I started to think of this as actual sportswriting, and it's starting to feel more legitimate to post here under my real name. That doesn't mean I scoff at others for using pseudonyms (in fact, I'll still post as PV at my other blogs), just that I'm ready for a switch.

--The offseason is upon us, meaning there will be more posts unrelated to the Vikings. At this blog, I've always simply written about whatever sports stories interest me, and that's usually the Vikings, particularly from August through December. During the offseason we still cover the Vikes, but we'll write more posts about other football stories, fantasy football (I'll keep a list of fantasy columns on the sidebar), intersections between sports and animals (few sports bloggers bring an animal rights perspective to such stories, so why not me?), basketball, critiques of bad sportswriting (my 2008 sabbatical from Jim Souhan and Tom Powers is over!), attempts to find the poetry in sports, and any other sports subjects that strike me as worth writing about.


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  2. So – is posting as Joe Fischer going to last as long as PV's Sports Toothache or writing for 10,000 Takes?

  3. Anonymous7:37 AM

    How about as long as Vegan Viking?

  4. My flakiness was a passing fad.

  5. hello, mr fischer.

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