Friday, December 01, 2006

Vikings-Bears Preview

We all know that Chicago is a tough-guy town. We also know that for at least since 2001, the Vikings haven't been a tough-guy team, because they haven't won a game at Soldier Field since Robert Smith was a Viking.

Bleh. The freakin' Bears in their freakin' navy and orange have won too many freakin' games in a row against the Vikes at home.

But the Vikes are now built to be a tough-guy team. Pat Williams may or may not play against the Bears, but that may or may not matter. The Vikes are built to run the ball and stop the run, something they weren't at all capable of doing against the Bears the last five years.

They can win in the cold. And they will win in the cold.

The Bears' defense is susceptible to the run. Chester Taylor should get 25-30 carries and get productive yardage out of that. The Vikes will throw rinky dink passes and punt a lot. The Bears will try to run the ball and fail, then Rex Grossman will try to chuck the ball deep and end up hitting Darren Sharper and Dwight Smith, the safeties that he'll assume aren't there. The Vikes will get the turnovers and the Bears won't and the Vikes will win 17-13. They'll be .500 and we'll all sing "skol" and dream about the playoffs.

I hope Steve Hutchinson buries Brian Urlacher over and over again as Chester Taylor runs over him. I hope Rex Grossman throws interception after interception while Lovie stands on the sidelines and smirks.

The Vikes can win. the Vikes will win. Screw you, Mike Ditka. Screw you, hard.

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  1. Brad Johnson at the half: 8/17, 39 yards, 0 TD, 1 INT. Yeah!!