Friday, December 01, 2006

Am I a bigot?

Because I'm rather shaken up about this subject, I'm writing another post to give it prominence at the top of the blog for the weekend. I've attempted to explain my values difference and ideas about "southern values" here, but I'm afraid I've done a woeful job at it. My ideas, however, are not made up or based on stereotypes. I'm basing this on the data I've been presented with. I'm basing it on news stories I've encountered and my own research and experience.

Let me finish by making a point I suggested in the comments below.

Trent Lott said that the country wouldn't have the problems it has if we would have elected Strom Thurmond, a segregationist presidential candidate, to the White House. In November, 64% of Mississippi voters elected Lott back to the Senate. Now--are my ideas about the South based on irrational bigotry? Or are my ideas based on the evidence that I see?


  1. PV, you know me and I do not believe that you are a bigot. However, I think that your data interpretation in this particular case does not take into account the various data that lead to the result.

    If Trent Lott were only being voted for based upon his belief that America would be better if Strom Thurmond would have been in the White House then yes you might be able to make that data interpretation. There are too many variables in this case though. For instance, what were the platform issues of the rest of Lott's campaign? What were the social views of his opponent? Was his opponent more diplorable than him in the same terms?

  2. From now on this is all I will say: When southern states stop using the Confederate flag for official things, I'll give up my biases of the south. Not a second before.

  3. Bigotry aside, I am concerned that you may be developing the "guilty White conscious." Stop. If you start feeling overwrought and guilty about how you deal with non Whites, it's going to color your perspective - and not in a good way. Acting out of guilt is not not the same as genuinely dealing with a non White as an equivalent human being, but it may give you a false sense of security that it might.

  4. Head Chick in Charge,
    I am absolutely consumed with what I call "liberal guilt." Here is where I've written more about it, if you're interested (and the link works). It's stupid, I know, but like I've said, I think being open and honest about these feelings is an important part of ...everything.

  5. OK, it was too long to fit in the comments, anyway.