Thursday, December 14, 2006


The Vikes' Just-Short History
Cold Hard Football Facts has made a list of the top 10 pro football teams to fail to win a championship. As expected, the Vikes come up twice on the list: the 1969 team ranks #4, and the 1998 team ranks #2. Interestingly enough the 1975 Vikes might have been better than either of those teams--that's the team that got Hail Maryed by Roger Staubauch, Drew Pearson, and the referees.

Do you realize Allen Iverson is one of the greatest scorers in basketball history?
There are only four basketball players in the history of the NBA to lead the league in scoring four or more times: Michael Jordan (10), Wilt Chamberlain (7), George Gervin (4), and Allen Iverson (4). It's hard to compare actual basketball numbers across eras--the game has changed a lot since the time Wilt was able to average 50.4 ppg (1962, which he followed up with 44.8 ppg in '63) and 27.2 rpg (1961). However, a scoring title proves that a particular player, in a particular season with its own rules, trends, and strategies, was the best scorer. So Iverson's four scoring titles suggest he is one of the all-time greats.

And the Timberwolves should do everything save trade KG to acquire him.

Why don't the Lions play Josh McCown?
Josh McCown showed some real promise on some pretty awful Arizona Cardinal teams. Evidently the Lions liked his promise, since they are paying him $4 million in 2006. Their 2006 season is a total loss: at 2-11 they can lose out and go 2-14 or win out and go 5-11, and it really won't prove anything or lessen the embarrassment. And can the Lions really think that Jon Kitna, the 34 year old QB presiding over this 2-11 season, is the long-term answer at quarterback? McCown is 27 and might have a future--a future the Lions will never know about if they don't give him a shot at some real game play. $4 million is a lot to pay for a backup you have no intention of ever starting at QB (though evidently they've given him a whirl at WR).

(remembering that I am a Viking fan and the Lions play in the NFC North...)

Oh wait! I am completely wrong. McCown is a bum--don't bother trying to play him. Jon Kitna is the Lord and Savior of the Gridiron--he should be the Lions' starting QB for the next decade. Give Matt Millen time--he'll turn this debacle around eventually. Lions, Millen, and Kitna forever!

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