Saturday, November 24, 2007


Quick stuff on a vacation weekend.

P-F-R blog notes the historic greatness of the 2007 rushing differential--they're dominant rushing the ball and dominant stopping the run. But of course they're still mediocre.

Antoine Winfield is doubtful for Sunday's game (Viking Update). From what I've seen of the Giants this season, they have some big running backs, and they like to run plays that take those running backs off tackle. Winfield is a great tackler and would help on a lot of those plays; without him, the Vikes could actually get exploited against the run tomorrow.

The Star Tribune talks about Kevin Williams and Pat Williams.

Adrian Peterson is listed as doubtful, but according to the Pioneer Press, probably won't play Sunday. And that's the best move: if his recovery is really moving along this quickly, let him rest another week, and he could be much closer to full capacity next week.

The Ragnarok previews the Giants game.

The 4-6 Vikings are playing on the road against the 7-3 Giants. It goes without saying (and yet I'm saying it anyway) that if the Vikings win, it will be an upset. Of course it is possible, but a lot of things would have to go just the Vikings' way for Minnesota to win (including committing zero turnovers and forcing turnovers at key times).

Enjoy the game everybody.

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