Sunday, November 18, 2007

Sidney Rice: He gives Vikings' Fans HOPE

When a WR can complete a 79 yard pass it is amazing. He threw a long bomb. It wasn't completely perfect since Shiancoe had to slow down and adjust to it, but man that was fun.

It is official. Sidney Rice has the 2nd best arm on the team. I think Tarvaris has the best arm in terms of distance, but Sidney isn't far behind him and he is better than Bollinger and Holcomb in terms of distance.

Man this game started out fun. We will see what happens the rest of the game.


  1. Anonymous4:04 PM

    congrats on the big win.


  2. Anonymous4:07 PM


    same to you and that ugly green and gold team. 9-1. SICK!

  3. It really got the crowd into it too.

    How did you like that they called the play AGAIN!

  4. Anonymous6:31 PM

    I was wondering on the 2nd pass play if it was a called pass play like the first or rather and run call with an option to pass.

    From the TV it looked as though Rice was going to run, but that defender was there to meet him so he darted the tackle and realized that he had nothing on the run, but the pass option was open (somewhat- by the way that catch was amazing by T-Will).

    Really, it didn't look like a pass call, but rather a run call with a pass option? Could this be a possibility?

  5. On such a play, the design is probably a pass with the option to run if the pass isn't there.

    The possibility of a pass means that the offensive linemen need to make sure not to go downfield to block. So it was probably a design pass with the possibility to run, not the other way around.