Monday, November 05, 2007

Adrian Peterson Blizzard

On the day after Adrian Peterson lit Thunderdome on fire with a record-setting day, we should take the time to note some of the praise Peterson is getting.

Praise for Adrian Peterson, Vikings

"Give me Peterson over LT" (Andrew Perloff)

"Tomlinson has six runs over 60 yards in his seven-year career. That's less than one a year. Peterson already has three runs of over 60 yards in his rookie season, including a 64-yard touchdown in the Vikings' 35-17 win today. And Peterson took a screen pass 60 yards for a touchdown in Week 1."

"Peterson is a throwback to the running backs of my youth, like Sanders, Earl Campbell, Eric Dickerson, Tony Dorsett and Walter Payton - players who seemed to be capable of ripping off 70-yard touchdowns every game. Guys you couldn't take your eyes off."

"Perfect Day for an Explosion" (Mark Craig)

It takes good fortune to rush for 296 yards; Craig points out some of the things that worked in Adrian Peterson's favor.

Superman? The Vikings have more than one" (Patrick Reusse)

Reusse points out that while Peterson is likely praised for his performance Sunday, E. J. Henderson was a defensive superman, too.

"The rookie started slowly, but oh, what a finish" (Jim Souhan)

"Peterson Adjusts, Accolades Fly" (Tim Yotter)

"Minnesota Vikings set up rookie Adrian Peterson for two long touchdown runs against San Diego Chargers" (Sean Jensen)

Jensen gives some justified attention to the blocking that set up Peterson's great performance.

"Minnesota Vikings get last word: blitz" (Tom Powers)

Powers also gives attention to the Vikings good defensive performance.

"An Unforgettable Game: Adrian Peterson Dominates, Breaks Record" (Viking War Cry)

"Adrian Peterson Makes Grown Men Cry" (The Viking Age)

"There Simply Are No Words" (Daily Norseman)

"Monday Morning Quarterback" (Peter King)

King gets some good quotes from Peterson.

"Audibles at the Line: Week 9" (Football Outsiders)

Scroll down to comments on the Viking-Charger game.

"Vikings 35, Chargers 17: Peterson Leaves Chargers Embarrassed" (JJ Cooper)

"There's No Stopping Purple Jesus" (JJ Cooper)

I hate that nickname, by the way, but here's a good note: "No other running back has more than two 40+yard plus runs this season, Peterson has five."

"Week 9 Observation Deck" (Jeffri Chadiha)

" featured a rookie running back who has become the most exciting player in the league in just nine weeks of action. That isn't hyperbole, either. Adrian Peterson is a man who is playing on an entirely different level than the rest of the runners in the NFL these days."

"Adrian Peterson is pretty much my hero" (Complete Sports)

"Purple Warrior" (The Nosebleeds)

I think a lot of people are getting a new non-favorite-team favorite player.

"And That's Why We Call Him 'All Day'" (Ghosts of Wayne Fontes)

Jim Souhan misfires again
Before the game, Souhan wrote yet another column just to criticize Brad Childress, but this time included VP of Player Personnel Rick Spielman in his critique. Souhan says the Vikes need to "bring in a real general manager," and even blames Spielman for the Dolphins' 2007 season. According to his team bio, Spielman left the Dolphins during the 2005 offseason; I would put most of the blame for the Dolphins on Nick Saban and Cam Cameron, not the GM that had nothing to do with the team for the previous two offseasons. Furthermore, Spielman oversaw the Vikings' 2007 draft, which brought them Adrian Peterson in the first round (296 rushing yards Sunday), Sidney Rice in the second round (40 yard TD catch Sunday), Marcus McCauley in the third round (starting CB yesterday as the team shut down the pass), Brian Robison in the fourth round (I don't recall him at all yesterday, but he's been an effective pass rusher this season), and Aundrae Allison in the fifth round (a 62 yard kickoff return yesterday). Yep, Spielman needs to bring in a quarterback for the Vikings. But he's a "real general manager," partly responsible for a (short-term, at least) wildly successful 2007 draft. The rest of the season is necessary to determine whether Childress should return as head coach, but I see no reason Rick Spielman shouldn't return as Vice President of Player Personnel.


  1. Anonymous11:23 AM

    All credit to Leslie Frazier and the defense yesterday, but I hope that they have no illusions of sticking with that scheme next week. If they try to blitz Favre like they did Phillip Rivers, the Packers will pass for over 400 yards.

  2. That's the dilemma: they also can't just drop back and give Favre time or he'll complete 35 passes and churn out long drives.

  3. Anonymous12:59 PM

    Well, it is going to be a hard game to win no matter what they do. The best way to ensure a loss, however, is to yield a lot of fast scoring drives with big plays. In contrast, forcing the Packers to string together a long series of successful plays, while playing sound red zone defense, holds out hope that that the Packers kick a handful of field goals while the Vikings score touchdowns.

    I must say that I also disagree with the notion that the best way to counter Peterson is to leave the box unclogged. The Vikings have a good offensive line, and the right side especially is better at run blocking. Leaving the box unclogged greatly increases the chances that Peterson gets 5 yards downfield before he is met by anyone, and if Peterson does not get turned laterally or slowed down before he is five yards downfield, he really gets a chance to break ankles, and fireworks await. I expect the Packers to emulate the Eagles approach.

  4. Anonymous5:07 PM

    Check out Spielman's drafts and especially trades in Miami. I think you can definitely give him a huge amount of responsibility for this Dolphins team. They have nothing to show for from his era.

    At the time Spielman left, there was a lot talk he wouldn't get another job in the league.

  5. Though I'd still say that Spielman, out since 2005, isn't directly responsible for the 2007 Dolphin woes, his performance with the Dolphins is relevant to whether Spielman should have been hired in the first place, not whether he should stay. Now that he's been hired, it's his performance with the Vikes that must determine whether he stays. He hasn't brought in a QB, but we don't know whether that's Childress pushing for Tarvaris to be the guy. So far, it appears the Vikings had an excellent 2007 draft (but we're a long way from being able to fully assess that). I can't, right now, see what Spielman has done so wrong in his brief Viking tenure, and I'm guessing Souhan, in his seeming personal hatred of pretty much everybody running the Vikings, is lumping in Spielman with the rest to continue his poor columns.

  6. By the way, you're right: I checked those drafts, and they're pretty awful. Doesn't make me too hopeful, though as I said, the Vikes 2007 draft, so far, looks very good. And the Vikes are coming off a few years of horrible drafts of their own (lowlighted by 2005, when two first round draft picks were turned into Troy Williamson and Erasmus James).

  7. Great post PV.

    I'm envious you got to see this show sunday!

    Unreal. I have my new favorite non browns player.

  8. Anonymous2:35 PM

    I love the Purple Jesus nickname.