Monday, November 12, 2007

Minnesota Sports: the Wasteland

At Epic Carnival, wwtb? describes the widespread depression that just about all Minnesota sports teams are driving us into.

I know next to nothing about hockey. I know there's a goalie, a penalty box, sticks, skates, and pucks. I know that you want to try get the puck into your opponents' net, and if you do that more than they do it to you, you win. I know there are a lot of substitutions. I know there is checking. I know there are goals, saves, assists, and +/-.

That's enough, I think. I'm going to start rooting for the Wild. I'm completely serious. Why not? I'm in Minnesota, lots of people love hockey here. They might win something. wwtb? has convinced me. I'm going to do it. Minnesota Wild, here we go.


  1. I think that u should the Wild is pretty damn good this season and considering they made the playoffs last season and are expected 2 do the same this season.

  2. still think the Giants are the toughest team that was left on your schedule?

  3. At this point isn't every team the toughest team on our schedule. We are the Vikings aren't we?

  4. Anonymous6:51 PM

    vikesgeek has written that someone with access to zygi says childress could be fired as early as this week. Let's hope so.

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