Sunday, November 18, 2007

Saturday Night Blizzard

I'm really looking forward to going to the Viking-Raider game. It should still be a lot of fun, know, everything. Really, Daunte Culpepper is in town! And it is still a Viking game. They may be 3-6, but they're the Purple, and I love them.


I've speculated the fear that the Viking players are quitting on Brad Childress. Kevin Seifert assures us that "in interviews with a cross section of players last week, as well as off-the-record discussions with others, there were no strong indications of a mutiny or even a lack of interest in playing out the season." Let me point out again that reporters like Seifert are the reason newspapers still matter to sports coverage: while a good blogger can do what most columnists do (and often more), reporters like Seifert are still able to provide relevant insights and inside information.

Don Seeholzer writes that Andrew Walter is going to be Oakland's #2 QB Sunday. So there's a chance that Tarvaris Jackson and Andrew Walter could duel each other in a fest of suckitude. Hmm.

At Jason's DeBlog, scroll down to "We Did It! We're The Best! WCCO to The Rescue!" to read about WCCO and Miller buying up 2,000 tickets for Sunday's game. When the PA guy tells us to cheer for ourselves because this is the 100+th sellout, I think I will literally boo.

It repenteth me
In September, I brought my grammar snobbery to this blog in a post about using "their" as a singular pronoun.

I'm currently reading Guy Deutscher's The Unfolding of Language, which is about how and why languages change over time. I realize while reading, of course, how silly (read "reactionary") it would be to insist to my deathbed that "their" cannot be used as a singular genderless pronoun. Language evolves, and the evolution is usually pretty fun. I'll still teach my students to use the current grammar rules, because that's (a very small part of) my job. But I'll recognize the fluid and flexible nature of language, and even if it hurts my eyes, I will lighten up.

Funny, in a tragic sort of way
From the Onion: "U.S. Military Wasting All Its Victories On Notre Dame"

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