Thursday, November 22, 2007

Let us abandon all hope in the Timberwolves

After falling to 1-8 (actually, well before that), it is clear the 2007-08 Timberwolves are dreadful. Much more awful than I could have imagined. Worse even than the early 90s teams. Al Jefferson is good, but he's just "20-10 on an atrocious team" good.

This team is headed for the fourth pick in the 2008 draft. Oh, they'll have the worst record in the league, but as the Timberwolves have always had horrible lottery luck, that worst record is going to net them with the fourth pick.

And I would like to just cast my hopes to the future: the Timberwolves could hit on a superstar in the 2008 draft.

Of course, then I have to remember that the Timberwolves hit on a superstar in the 1995 draft. They had him for 12 seasons (during which he dominated), surrounded him with nothing, and won two playoff series during his entire 12 year tenure.

So why should the hopes that they hit on a superstar in the next draft really count as hopes?

I wanted to believe, but goodness, there's not even a hope for a future hope here.

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  1. Anonymous11:59 AM

    Well, when that superstar the T'wolves picked up in 1995 chokes in the first round of the playoffs and his team loses, you'll see that wasn't Minnesota's fault.

    Man, I can't wait for that.

    WV: fnord? wow.