Friday, September 22, 2006

What's fun about this weekend

D'Angelo Williams and Steve Smith D'Angelo Williams is going to be great; it's a matter of time before he's Carolina's starter, and I look for him to prove he deserves it this week. Steve Smith is always a fun player, and he should be back this weekend.

Bears at Vikings Though this is the focal point of my weekend, to be honest, it doesn't sound fun at all.

Jacksonville/Indianapolis An enigma for Fantasy Owners who have Manning, Harrison, or Wayne. You want your players to do well--but if Jacksonville stays with Indy in the standings, there's less chance that they'll be resting the last few weeks.

Clinton Portis v. the Houston Texans Here's a chance for the eccentric one to restore some hope to Washington and to the Experience.

Bengals/Steelers Important game.

LT on bye There's the guy with LT in your fantasy league, and then there's everybody else. This weekend, everybody else has a shot.

Patriots in Primetime I haven't seen Tom Terrific in a game yet. I'm looking forward to it.

Eli Manning It looks like my afternoon game is going to be the Giants/Seahawks.

So enjoy week three, everybody. Except Bear and Packer fans. ESPECIALLY Bear fans.

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  1. Your insight into the Steelers/Bengals game is amazing