Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Fine! (or, I have too much time in my office)

To ensure a good parking space, I showed up in my office at 8:10 this morning for a 1:25 class. So far I've worked backwards compiling NFL team interceptions averages (more on this in another post), and I've played out the NFL schedule. So even though I claimed I wouldn't post this...well, I've now been in my office for 3 hours and 40 minutes and I really don't have work to do since it's the first day and I've got a lot of time before I have to read anything.

My method is simple. I look at every game from week 1 through week 17 individually and in less than 5 seconds mark why I think will win. That means there are few upsets, and the home teams usually win. Also, I can't will myself to pick against the Vikings in any single game. Also, since I go week 1 through 17 rather than looking at each team's schedule, I end up surprising myself but doing a better job of basing projections on team schedule rather than how I feel about them.

AFC East
Patriots 13-3
Dolphins 8-8
Bills 6-10
Jets 5-11

AFC North
Steelers 10-6
Bengals 9-7
Ravens 7-9
Browns 4-12

AFC South
Colts 14-2
Jaguars 11-5
Texans 4-12
Titans 3-13

AFC West
Broncos 12-4
Chargers 9-7
Chiefs 8-8
Raiders 8-8

NFC East
Eagles 11-5
Cowboys 10-6
Giants 10-6
Washington 8-8

NFC North
Vikings 16-0
Packers 6-10
Bears 6-10
Lions 4-12

NFC South
Panthers 9-7
Buccaneers 8-8
Falcons 8-8
Saints 5-11

NFC West
Seahawks 9-7
Cardinals 7-9
Rams 5-11
49ers 3-13

Wild Card
AFC: Broncos d. Bengals, Steelers d. Jaguars
NFC: Panthers d. Giants, Cowboys d. Seahawks

Division Round
AFC: Patriots d. Broncos, Colts d. Steelers
NFC: Vikings d. Cowboys, Panthers d. Eagles

Conference Championships
AFC: Colts d. Patriots
NFC: Vikings d. Panters

Super Bowl
Vikings d. Colts

So there you have it: my 2006 projections. I expect some teams to be better than I've projected, some worse. But let it be known that as long as I've done this I've picked the Vikings to win the Super Bowl and quite clearly I've never been correct, but I live and breathe with the hope that some day I will see my projection come through. Sometimes when I'm lounging about I'll start to imagine what it would be like to see the Vikings win the Super Bowl...and I get overwhelmed by the very idea.

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  1. chargers and panthers in super bowl. merriman and peppers dmvps and tomlinson is mvp.