Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Brett Favre and Interceptions

Below is a comparision of Brett Favre's season INT totals to average of the league's team INTs for each year.

Using data from, I've
figured out the average team interceptions thrown during each season from 1992-2005. It's not a perfect system to compare an individual's interception total to team totals (for all sorts of reasons that should spring to mind if you just think about it a bit), but it's as good as I could think to do. I've included the Packers in the team average, and if Favre is within 1 (up or down) of the league average, I'm listing him as average for that season. I won't reach conclusions: for now, make your own.

1992: BELOW
Favre: 13
Lg Avg: 18.54

1993: ABOVE
Favre: 24
Lg Avg: 16.75

1994: BELOW
Favre: 14
Lg Avg: 16.93

1995: BELOW
Favre: 13
Lg Avg: 17.07

1996: BELOW
Favre: 13
Lg Avg: 18.07

Favre: 16
Lg Avg: 15.97

1998: ABOVE
Favre: 23
Lg Avg: 16.97

1999: ABOVE
Favre: 23
Lg Avg: 17.39

Favre: 16
Lg Avg: 16.61

2001: BELOW
Favre: 15
Lg Avg: 17.58

Favre: 16
Lg Avg: 16.5

2003: ABOVE
Favre: 21
Lg Avg: 16.82

Favre: 17
Lg Avg: 16.38

2005: ABOVE
Favre: 29
Lg Avg: 15.84


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