Monday, September 18, 2006

Bear Dome Week


Erasmus James becomes the 4th Viking defensive player to go out for the year (joining Chad Greenway, Tank Williams, and Dovonte Edwards). To me, losing James hurts the Vikings the most, if only for his value above replacement. He was going to have a chance to really get after the quarterback this season, and he was already showing some ability to do that.

I've never heard that before
Last night a local sportscaster said something to this effect: "The Vikings' defense is among the best in the league early in the season, but they'll face a stiff test from Chicago's potent offense." He then went on to talk about how effective the Bears' passing game has been. Not long ago such a statement would have been comprehensible only in Bizarro World.

Then the sportscaster said "Whammy!"

It's time for an interception
Bear wideouts have been wide open deep downfield the past two weeks. I can only hope that on Sunday Rex Grossman again thinks that those wideouts are open downfield and chucks it down there, only to find out that Fred Smoot can close the separation and that Darren Sharper can get to the ball.

The Vikings have gone two weeks without an interception. For a win on Sunday, I think that has to change. The Bears' defense is good, and the way the Panthers' defense handled the Vikes' offense last week, I don't know where the points are going to come from. Forcing some turnovers to get field position and momentum could help the Vikes pull off another victory in which neither team reaches 20.

Great Sports Movies
Should the baseball game in Naked Gun be considered one of the great sporting events on film? I think this is one of the films that helped set my comedic tastes when I was a little tike. Pretty much everything that happens when they get to the stadium is hilarious.

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  1. The Bears look great, but you have to be impressed with the Vikes thus far.