Thursday, September 28, 2006

Thursday Morning Football

Terrell Owens and suicide
If TO attempted to commit suicide, that makes it the first time I’ve found him interesting in about a year and a half (check my archives for a single mention of him—I don’t think you’ll find anything). He has been over-covered to the point that I find him one of the NFL’s most boring players. If he tried to kill himself, that means there’s something within him much darker and more interesting than anything he’s presented in the past (or that the media has presented us with).

Steve Falco v. Johnny Moxson

Who is your favorite film quarterback and why?
Personally, I like Mox: he’s got the sort of intellect, integrity, and fake Texas accent you want in your fictional quarterback. Besides, how awful must Falco have been in that Sugar Bowl? Here’s how bad: a promising young QB’s career was destroyed with one bad game, and he is left scraping barnacles off of boats.

Willis McGahee against the Vikes
I expect the Vikings to crush J.P. Losman, but fear they will be crushed by Willis McGahee. This will be the first time the Vikes have faced a dynamic running back for an entire game this season. He will be the key individual player for this game: if he has success, the Bills will be able to hold the ball away from the Vikings, they can control field position, and they can open it up for some sort of passing game. If the Vikings are able to control McGahee, every other part of their game plan should be successful.


  1. Agreed, Mox is the much better character. He is smart. Real smart. He has a future if football doesn't work out for him. Reeves has no personality at all. How can his stock drop after the bowl game that badly? Mox also could have gotten that blonde girl that was real hot.

  2. TO is certainly more complex and interesting than the media presents him. that's because the media is full of half wits who are in the business of selling their wares to an america incapable of comprehending anything complex. that said, the less we hear about players off the field the better. this isn't pro wrestling. we shouldn't invest ourselves in off the field narrative lines just because the media needs to sell itself 7 days a week.