Thursday, September 07, 2006

Things to watch in tonight's Steeler-Dolphin game

Troy Polamalu
I’m under the impression that Polamalu ends every game with 45 tackles and 15 passes defensed. Is he that dominant a defender, or does his luxuriously flamboyant hair make every play he makes stand out to me? And should I chart tonight’s game to find out how many positive plays Polamalu makes?

Culpepper’s mobility
I will be surprised if Daunte throws less than two interceptions tonight; teams that mix and disguise their blitzes as well as Pittsburgh confuse Peyton Manning, so they’re sure as hell going to confuse Daunte. But how does he move? If he’s no longer the scrambler he was a few seasons ago, how good will he be?

Chris Chambers
I’ve never been impressed with Chambers’ numbers; however, he’s played under a conservative offensive coach and plenty of over-par QBs (I don’t use the expression sub-par, because in golf you WANT to be sub-par). Yet even being held back by the likes of Wannstedt and Fiedler, he’s been a pretty solid WR. Let’s see what he can do with Daunte.

Willie Parker’s carries
If Willie Parker gets goal line carries, he could be the steal of everbody’s fantasy football draft. By the way, I loathe the nickname “Fast Willie Parker.” If you’re an NFL RB, it is taken for granted that you are fast. Why bother with a nickname at all? Yet announcers just love calling him Fast Willie Parker; they find it harder and harder to even say his name without preceding it with “Fast.”

Pittsburgh’s WRs
Though we might not see much out of them tonight (I like Charlie Batch a lot, but his presence might lead Cowher to tighten up the game plan), we’re going to have to see SOMEBODY emerge as a competent #2 WR. The Steelers don’t go to the second wideout much; however, if a defense has a good coverage linebacker to get the tight end and doubles Hines Ward, that defense has basically eliminated the Steelers’ passing game.

Ronnie Brown’s carries
In college, he shared carries with Cadillac Williams. Last season, he shared carries with Ricky Williams. We’re all anxious to see how he does when he shares nothing.

(photo of Troy and Theodora Polamalu removed)

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  1. i have culpepper and brown starting for one league and brown in another. i'm not really optimistic about either. but i think miami will win. it will be a low scoring, dull game. when the steelers drafted holmes i thought they'd be a lock for a return super bowl but holmes isn't ready like i thought he'd be.