Friday, September 08, 2006

Enjoy week one, everybody. Except for Packer and Bear fans. Oh, well, if you're playing each other, I guess somebody has to enjoy it.

Sunday from noon until midnight I don't expect to leave my living room for any reason other than to go to the bathroom or kitchen during a commercial. I hope you all have fun. I'll return Monday to make sense of the chaos of Sunday and to twitch and shiver in anticipation for the Viking game.

A few lingering problems.

--I will be watching the Bears and Packers play, and I don't know who to root against.

--I'm still a bucket full of angst over teaching Monday night--I will miss the first half of the Vikings' game, I'll be trusting a VCR, be rushing home, worrying about everything. I thought this was supposed to be fun.

--Thanks to Clinton Portis and Steve Smith: my fantasy running backs for the weekend are now Thomas Jones and Tatum Bell.

--The most enjoyable game to watch should be the Colts-Giants. Lots of good offensive players on each team.


  1. Southeast Jerome is VERY distraught about missing the Monday Nighter...

  2. How could you cheer for the Bears, if you are a Viking fans? The Packers aren't going to amount to anything.

  3. Anonymous10:14 PM

    Um, our argument about the Bears seems to be tilting in my direction. Granted, the Pack offense wasn't a great test. But I think it is safe to say their defense looked good. And Grossman also seems to be getting a little better. That 60 (or so) yard TD pass sure looked good to me.

    Again, not saying they are a great team. But they are significantly better than the division, with possible exception of crazy luck and improvement in Detroit.

  4. We saw one of two things on Sunday, maybe both. The Packers are working on a mythically bad pass defense (BEAR WRs were open by 5 yards!), or the Bears suddenly have a downfield game. One of those possibilities titilates me with glee, the other fills me with fear and trembling.