Friday, September 29, 2006

Week Four and Everything Nice

Vikings at Bills
(I love the semi-grammatical construction of "Team nickname at Team nickname")

Some folks on KFAN are saying this is will be a revealing game because the Vikes typically would be expected to lose an outdoor road game against a mediocre opponent. I think it's revealing too. It will tell us whether the 2006 Vikings are going to be a middling team (around .500, flirting with a sixth seed playoff birth) or have a real chance to be a good team and even (gasp) win some playoff games. If the Vikings lose against the Bills, they'll be a middling team all season, and all the anxiety I bring to the watching experience will be in lame hopes for a playoff chance that will end in a first round playoff loss (note: if the Vikings do lose, I will disregard what I just wrote and continue to believe they are Super Bowl material if they can just sneak into the playoffs. Just so you know). If they win a close game, then they'll show they have changed the culture of the team and they are capable of winning these winnable games. If they can beat the Bills handily, then they show they are a team capable of winning the division and playoff games (yes, I sort of believe this).

Buffalo Jerks
Since the Bills are the other remaining member of the 0-4 Super Bowl club, I generally sympathize with their fans. However, if I'm looking for a reason to hate the Bills on Sunday, I will keep in mind that they are named after Buffalo Bill Cody, a royal douchebag. He killed off most of America's buffalo. Thanks, jerk. If you'd like to learn more about why you shouldn't like Buffalo Bill, I suggest you consult Arthur Kopit's excellent play "Indians" or Robert Altman's "Buffalo Bill and the Indians, or Sitting Bull's History Lesson."

So enjoy week four, everybody. Except Packer and Bear fans.

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  1. I think Big Pat Williams and Co. will be able to stop McGahee, and Losman doesn't scare me at all. He's got some athletic ability and a decent arm, but I think the Vikings can force him into mistakes and turnovers.

    But I'm not worried about the defense, it comes down to the offense. If the Vikings can find a way to score more TD in the redzone, they have a chance to be very good. If not, I think they'll be the middling team you talk about.