Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Chris Cook has looked really good in preseason games; now he's injured and will miss time (Kevin Seifert). The Vikes have been suffering some key injuries lately; while there's nothing remotely to feel good about here, at least this might be a short-term injury, and Cook can come back fairly early in the season.

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  1. Superfreak1884815:56 PM

    I'm not one to play doctor but in my experience with the meniscus tear it is usually not very serious in nature and I assume he will be 100% in two and a half weeks give or take. Meanwhile I think Asher Allen, who has more of a spring in his step than Lito Shepard, will be your starter and Asher will hold it down for the first couple weeks. Keep in mind the most important stretch on the scheadule from our current vantage point is month of October: Jets, Cowboys, Packers, Patriots.