Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Oh. My. God.

I believe nothing until it's Thursday night against the Saints and Tarvaris Jackson ambles out of the huddle to the line of scrimmage. But Oh. My. God. Looks like I need to find that old Vikings blanket of mine, curl up with it, cry, and try talk myself into the Tarvaris Jackson Experience (again).


  1. It's unbelievable. There is no way he could be this much of an asshole. I won't believe it.

  2. Anonymous1:39 PM

    Believe it. There's no reason for this story to break today unless it were true. He doesn't need to get out of training camp or preseason, the Vikings have already accomodated on that. The only reason he would say today that he's retiring is because it's for real.

    Either that, or he's the biggest asshole in the history of mankind. Retiring today, and then coming back in 3 weeks, would be jerking people around for no reason.

  3. Anonymous3:19 PM

    The Vikes have management to blame for this mess.
    Childress has his guy Jackson ready to go. He trades for Rosenfells and he never sees the field. They draft Webb and are so high on him they want to move him to receiver! (Think of the QB's they could have drafted in the last 2-3 years.)
    They also give Favre too much freedom to control the fate of the franchise. Put him on the spot before the draft. "Are you coming back or not?" Then we can make decisions on needs. NO, we don;t want to hurt his feelings! What does this move do the this teams feelings? We have a championship caliber team without a QB.
    One question, when do the Timberwolves start?

  4. Anonymous5:10 PM

    i think the vikes told him to sit on it some more. he's probably wrestling with it now. but if that ankle didn't get better then i don't think he'd risk coming back. i'm actually in the camp that thinks tavaris is probably going to be fine. aaron rodgers was pretty bad his first few years but he sat and learned. i'm sure jackson has picked up some pointers. but until brett isn't there i won't give up hope.