Saturday, August 14, 2010

Blizzard: the Vikings sort of play tonight

If you compare preseason football to regular season football, it's awful, sure. But if you think of it as a glorified scrimmage...well, I'd watch a Vikings scrimmage on TV. And I'd enjoy it. Maybe for a quarter.

Percy Harvin, not around (PFT, Star Tribune).

Bob Sansevere talks to Darrell Bevell (Pioneer Press).

Kevin Seifert is watching the Viking CBs (ESPN).

You won't believe this: an article about how Tarvaris Jackson is handling the current situation around him! I wish somebody had told me five years ago how much of my attention would be devoted to this guy (Viking Update).

Mark Wald with a lot of reasonable points about Brett Favre (and reaction to him) (Cold Hard Football Facts).


Fantasy football is a strange thing, especially after drafting a team. I've added some Colts-focused sites to my regular sports reading because I have so many key Colts on my fantasy team. And I do regular news searches on shitty RBs that I'm counting on. So...Michael Bush, everybody!

I've already drafted my teams, and I continue to monitor four of these 10 things Sigmund Bloom tells me to monitor (New York Times).

Ten players Chris Harris really likes (ESPN). I worry that Donald Brown will be my new Laurence Maroney: the guy I expect to explode this year, who disappoints but does just enough that next year I'm calling him the guy I expect to explode this year, and he'll disappoint but do just enough... If I drafted an entire team of these guys, Vince Young would be the captain and Vernon Davis would...wait a minute, Vernon Davis did explode last year! So it does happen! OK, I will keep drafting Maroney, Brown, and Young whenever I can. Especially Vince Young, because it generally requires a dollar at the end of an auction. I keep thinking he'll be crazy good, one of these years. I'm a true Vince Young believer.

Viking fans: we've got Al Franken!

Vegetarians: we got Lefty!

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