Friday, September 03, 2010

Viking fans may have a different reaction

Bill Simmons on Aaron Rodgers:

"On a personal note, my affection for Rodgers increased exponentially at ESPN's Sundance party during the conference championships, when Rodgers and his buddies unabashedly rooted against nemesis Favre and the Vikings down the stretch and celebrated raucously when New Orleans pulled it out. Rodgers couldn't have been more delighted; he did everything but climb on the bar and start a "F--- YOU, FAVRE!" chant. I will always root for him after that. And yes, that story is 100 percent true."

I actually don't blame Rodgers at all for that. But I don't think you'll blame me that, when I got my copy of Sports Illustrated's NFL preview issue featuring Rodgers on the cover today, I gently tore the cover off and threw it away so I could try enjoy the rest of the magazine.


  1. Just finished watching the Broncos-Vikings on NFL Network. Some thoughts:

    I am not looking forward to the Saints using a quad formation on offense next Thursday and Marcus Sherels or DeAndre Wright being matched up with Lance Moore or Devery Henderson. They'll have to pick up some other corners waived by other teams.

    I think they keep four qbs. There is no way Joe Webb is not claimed by some other team if the Vikings waive him. But I don't think they're comfortable (I'm not) with a rotation of Favre, Jackson and Webb.

    Javon Walker looks awfully slow.

    Letroy Guion and Jasper Brinkley look much improved.

    Asher Allen does not look much improved.

    Darius Reynaud looks better than Toby Gerhart.

  2. Anonymous8:48 AM

    when we read Death of a Salesman we despise the clueless, entitled Howard but in real life we apparently love the entitled prissy children who take our jobs and then have the audacity to spend the rest of their careers not so secretly resenting the time something didn't go 100pct the way they wanted it to.


  3. Favre is to Don Draper as Rodgers is to Pete Campbell?

  4. well as a matter of fact I have some friends that are Viking fans and they actually had a different reaction and I think it is somehow understandable