Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Crap (updated)

Crap. Crap.

Given that the Vikings still have Bernard Berrian, Percy Harvin (I assume right now), Visanthe Shiancoe, and Adrian Peterson to throw passes to, this is not as devastating a loss as it seems. We went into 2009 unable to expect or even really count on much from Sidney Rice, yet many of us went into the season expecting huge things. Sidney Rice was a surprise emergence, but even without Rice it looked like Favre would have a good set of targets around him. I think Berrian and Harvin will just end up getting more targets. And it's possible Rice can come back at the end of the season and be productive again. I think the Viking offense, while diminished, will be fine.

Update 2
Rice says the Super Bowl is still the destination (PFT). That or a vacation to Texas. Every other time in my life anybody tried to convince me that the Vikes were going to the Super Bowl, they've been wrong and I've been disappointed. Every time. But this time !!!!! ..... ?

Either way, I will hold my head: either up, or buried in my palms.


  1. Perhaps not Rice's wisest business decision to put off surgery. He stood to make a lot of money if he followed up last season with another solid year. I guess he still could if he plays well the 8/7/6/5(?) games he plays this season.

    What are the Vikings chances of beating New Orleans without Rice and Harvin playing?

    Last year's magical season is already starting to feel like a long time ago.

  2. I think Harvin will play, but more and more the Vikings look like they'll be relying on the running game and defense (as in '07 and '08) than on the passing game (as in '09), but at least with much, much greater potential from the passing game when needed.

  3. You're right about Rice in '09. And given enough time to throw (not always a sure thing with this offensive line), Favre can make just about any receiver look good.

    Berrian's never established himself as a guy who can put up elite numbers, and his hands can be spotty at times. He'll make a tough catch, than drop one you figure a starting NFL receiver should make. Meanwhile, Harvin, despite being an extremely fast guy, was not a deep threat last season.

    But Rice did both of those things – make difficult catches and he was a deep threat. It will be interesting to see how Favre's playcalling, err, I mean Bevell and Childress' playcalling compensates.

    On the other hand, I expect the Vikings defense to be better than it was in '09. I was a bit disappointed in that unit's play at times last season - particularly the pass defense. Perhaps better play out of that unit will compensate for the loss of Rice.

    Dare I mention Adrian Peterson has been remarkably healthy his first three seasons playing a physically demanding position?

  4. Superfreak1884815:19 PM

    I believe that the team is still locked and loaded for an impressive run this year. The loss of Sidney hurts but something like this was bound to happen and must be made up for. (It is because of times such as these that teams are glad to get four preseason games to examine their roster.) So while the initial frustration with how everything went down is warrented I believe the negative impact of the lost half a season will be made up. Everything points to Percy stepping up in major ways, the fact is are he has yet to miss extended meaningful time and he is as dynamic as they come with or without practice.