Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Brett Favre!

He's back in town. He's back with the Vikings (Star Tribune).

Last year, the expectation was that Favre would be a caretaker, not asked to do too much as a dominant run-first offense featuring Adrian Peterson protected him from overuse. Instead, the passing game overtook the running game, the running game often struggled, and the Vikings were at their best when Favre was winging it all over the field to a vast array of talented pass catchers.

In 2010, Viking fans have to hope for something in between last year's expectation and reality. The Vikes can't rely on Favre to duplicate last year: if they can get 85-90% of that production again, they'll be fine. But if Adrian Peterson and the offensive line become as dominant as they were in 2007 and 2008, and Favre is able to provide legitimate playmaking through the pass, the Viking offense could be virtually unstoppable.

(side note: I'm starting to feel superstitious. My wife found a purple rubber Viking bracelet this weekend and asked me what to do with it; I immediately just put it on and haven't taken it off. In that time the Vikes dominated a preseason game, Percy Harvin returned to the team, and Sidney Rice started cutting. This morning I actually put on a t-shirt with Brett Favre and AP on it--sure, it was partly the memory that Favre joined the team on the Tuesday after last year's first preseason game, but still--now he's back. Of course I was superstitious last year when I wore a different Viking shirt every day for two weeks during the playoffs...but today is a day to be happy, not to be recalling old hurts. Skol!).

1. How fun is it to watch the local news networks go around to talk to Viking rubes? I love Viking rubes.

2. Semi-serious question: right now, is Brett Favre the most beloved figure in Minnesota?

3. Make your own comment on Vikings.com's photo gallery of Favre.


  1. Anonymous5:11 PM

    Ted Bruschi can kiss my ass. "Lost respect for the Vikings as players had to fly there to beg him to play. Green Bay is still the class of the North. The Saints showed the blue print to beat Brett Favre". Late hits are a blue print?

  2. Anonymous5:37 PM

    Skol very much indeed.

  3. You don't think Bruschi would have been flying to California or Germany or wherever Brady lives these days during the offseason if Brady was leaning towards retirement and his replacement was an untested (at the time) Matt Cassell?

    I'm slightly more at ease with the developments of the past three days (Harvin's return, Rice's progress towards a return, Favre's apparent return), but this summer seems even more odd and helter skelter than last summer for the Vikings.

    I'm not digging the vibe.

  4. Anonymous5:41 AM

    People like Bruschi are right thinking Greg Williams Favre remembers those "remember me" hits.

    Greg Williams thinks he can take cheap shots and dirty hits on Brett Favre and get away with it? This is about pay back at this point. The most talented team in the league is headed to New Orleans on the 9th looking for payback. Think about it.