Sunday, October 26, 2008

What's Your Level of Despair?

Go see this headline, then come back and take this simple Viking fan quiz.

1. How do you feel?

a.) I'm sorry, I blacked out there for a second. What's going on?
b.) I'm sitting here, but I am certain somebody just punched me in the stomach. Is somebody hiding under my computer desk?
c.) 2008 is lost, but at least that means Brad Childress will be fired, right?
d.) 2008 is lost, and Zygi Wilf still probably won't fire Childress, will he?


  1. Anonymous7:05 PM

    Star Trib runs a lengthy, page C1 feature on EJ Henderson: the very next game he suffers an injury and is lost for the year.

    Star Trib runs a lengthy, page C1 feature on Kevin Williams: Two weeks later Williams is suspension-bound for water pills.

    When's Star Trib going to run a lengthy, page C1 feature breaking down and detailing the intricacies of Brad Childress' playbook?


  2. Anonymous7:17 PM

    I fear D. That Childress will point to this as son he didn't win enough and should be retained. Zygi, please don't fall for it. Please!

    It makes you feel like the Daily Norseman's headline, "Minnesota Vikings Become First Team in NFL History to Lose During Bye Week". Unbelievable...

  3. Anonymous8:00 PM

    I don't know man. I have two young sons I'm not sure if I can put them through this.Who should I guide them toward. It sure as shit isn't going to be the Vikings !!

  4. Is there even a point to watching anymore?

    1. In this article, it also describes that this information was leaked ahead of time, as it is the player's right to confidentiality until after the appeals process. Star Trib thinks the source did this to simply smear the Vikings players intentionally.

    2. Water pills have to effects. First is they help weight loss. The Williamses are huge men, I could see them wanting to keep their weight manageable. Second, it happens to mask the detection of steriods.

    My take: I can't see the Williamses being steroid users. I just can't. I understant it is a banned substance and they probably knew it, but they probably wanted to manage their weight. That's just what I believe, until more information is linked or there's a public comment made by either player.

    P.S. Brad Childress was brought in to put an end to players doing stupid things like this (i.e. sex boat scandal). Maybe this will count as a huge strike against Chilly and add to his demise.

  5. Definitely D. He'll get a free pass due to circumstances beyond his control.

    When's Star Trib going to run a lengthy, page C1 feature breaking down and detailing the intricacies of Brad Childress' playbook?

    I don't know that a 25-word article would qualify as a "lengthy feature."

  6. Anonymous2:51 PM

    I still suspect Childress might get the boot at the end of the season, assuming the team doesn't pull an improbable lengthy winning streak despite missing the entire heart of the defense. The Willamses should be back with plenty of time remaining in the season. So if Childress coaches like he's coached his entire tenure here, and the team continues it's wallowing in mediocrity, you're still going to hear the chants for his head at home games. And since Wilf has plans on attempting yet another stadium proposal in January, I think he'll be very receptive to public sentiment.

    Finally, without knowing what his motives were, it is too bad Kevin Williams might miss a quarter of this season, one in which he looked poised to post a career year.

    Here's hoping he can come back as good as ever, finish this year on a positive note, and show us in 2009 what kind of numbers he's capable of playing next to an All-Pro calibur end. Although Williams is only 28, most athletes tend to age quicker than people think, particularly those that rely on quickness/speed. The positive is Williams does rely on plenty of power/size, as well, and that should age gracefully.

    Also, Williams always reminded me a little of a stouter version of former Viking Henry Thomas, in that both are quick, disruptive-types on the interior line, and Thomas played pretty well until he was 35. In terms of sacks, Thomas had consistently gaudier numbers (he had 93.5 for his career as a tackle), but he also had plenty of bad @ss teammates on the D-line helping him out, coming into the league when guys like Chris Doleman and Keith Millard were the foundation of the team and, later, teaming with Jon Randle.