Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Public Money and Stadiums (not Stadia!)

At ESPN, Tim Keown suggests that the nation's economic situation might just prevent states and cities from public financing stadiums for privately owned sports teams (and that's a good thing). 

That certainly could be the case, and that would impact the Vikings: while the Minnesota legislature may be even less likely to approve funding for a new Viking stadium, other cities and states might also be unwilling to put up the money to lure the team away.  Get comfortable in Thunderdome!

The stadium issue is one of the reasons I've had a fan's sense of urgency for the Vikings.  I want to see them win a championship, but there's been this gnawing feeling that I don't have my whole life to wait: I need to see them win a championship before they move to L.A. or San Antonio or anywhere else.  I don't really think that they'll move, and I hate to even talk about it, but that fear still looms in the background of my desperation for this team.


  1. If the Vikings move to anywhere in texas, I will go and kill Wilf and Norm Green just because I am that pissed.

    I have my flaming chainsaw of death all ready to go.

  2. From a vikings fan who no longer lives in MN and hasn't for the last 3 years, it would make no difference to me if the vikings moved to another city, as I never go back to MN and have no feeling of attachment to the state or community.

    I do know this: Vikings fans, and most minnesota teams fans, are not good, loyal, or dedicated fans. Are there diehard fans out there? of course, I'm on of them, I know plenty others, but the overall Minnesota community is not a good support for the vikings or any of the other teams there. You can play the small market card all you want, but teams like the Packers (as much as I hate to bring them up) have an extremely loyal and supportive fan base. Minnesota just doesn't have the loyalty, expects too much, and is pessimistic until the very end. They really don't deserve their teams.

    What is the rule for following a team if yours moves? Who do people in LA cheer for? Who will the former seattle supersonics fans cheer for? If the vikes move to another city I would consider staying a fan of where they go, but I can't speculate what I'd do. I'd hate to just take up the following of the city's team that I'm living in and probably will stay in for a the rest of my life, which would be the dreadful Chicago Bears.

    Now I feel sick to my stomach thinking about this, let's not bring up anymore doomsday topics...