Sunday, October 12, 2008

Halftime: Lions 3, Vikings 2

Viking fans often like to assume Adrian Peterson is some sort of Jesus, and whenever the Vikings struggle, we blame Brad Childress' playcalling or the lack of a passing game.  But today was not the first devastating fumble from AP.

Pass protection is horrible.

What the hell is a "boo bird"?  That expression has always bugged me.  There are no fucking boo birds!  Why does anybody ever say "The boo birds are out"?  And is it so fun to say that the announcer says "boo birds" three different times?

And who could ever question Viking fans booing, when the offense has zero points against an 0-4 team?  Just because we won a weird game on Monday, we should never boo again?

The defense is once again dominating.  Must be frustrating for those players.

IF the Vikings continue to struggle and lose this game, we Viking fans can at least give up on the season.  Then we don't have to ever get nervous or worried: we can just try enjoy the football season the best way we can.  Because if the Vikes lose to the Lions at home, this team isn't going anywhere.


  1. Anonymous1:37 PM

    I saw this score and was very surprised. The Lions are horrible. Every fantasy football player who has Adrian Peterson were all licking their chops, just knowing All Day would have 200+ yards and 2 TD's.

  2. Anonymous2:03 PM

    it's a long way from being over! the Lions have plenty of time to give away the game. The Vikings WILL win; but it may look somewhat ugly. Just about what we'd expect from a team with such a crappy offense.

  3. Bernard Freaking Berrian!