Thursday, October 16, 2008

National Friday League, Week Seven

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The Vikings suck at Soldier Field. Some of the most disappointing Viking games of my life came at Soldier Field, watching the Vikings play just horrible football on offense, defense, and special teams.

But then something happened: Adrian Peterson went wild, the Vikings won a game at Soldier Field, and demons appeared exorcised. I still have minimal hope: it's hard to think the Vikings can beat the Bears on the road. But...they might. They might.

I expect something like a 13-9 festival of hard-hitting defense and struggling offense. There will be fewer than three yards per carry for the game, there will be a lot of punts, and the winning team will force some turnovers on the opponent's side of the field. I will deeply enjoy watching the game.

Intriguing Games on Sunday
Chargers-Bills: seems like a telling game. The Chargers have been inconsistent, but occasionally dominant. They're floating around mediocrity right now, and need to start putting it together. The Bills are 4-1, but I'm not sure they're a 10-6 team or a 7-9 team.

Saints-Panthers: A big division game. The Saints have had injury problems, and the defense seems to suck--but they've got an incredible passing game and could win any game they play. Let's just call the Panthers "enigmatic." I have no idea from Sunday to Sunday whether Carolina is going to put up a big performance or completely stink.

Colts-Packers: I find every game these teams play interesting.

Leslie Frazier on Dontarrious Thomas and Napoleon Harris (Access Vikings).

Bernard Berrian (Sid Hartman).

Thomas Tapeh: cut (Star Tribune). One reason Adrian Peterson may appear to be struggling more this year is the dropoff at fullback from Richardson to Tahi. I'd think about sticking Kleinsasser back there some plays.

No, I will not watch the NFL Network's Missing Rings show on the '98 Vikings (Fanhouse). I DVRed the Missing Rings show on the '69 Vikes, but can't bring myself to watch it. There are things in life that make me sad and things in life that make me happy. This would make me sad.

Have a good weekend everybody. Except Bear and Packer fans.

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