Sunday, October 19, 2008

Halftime: Help me, Doc Brown!

Somebody slipped me into the DeLorean and drove me back five years.  The Vikings are moving the ball up and down the field with the pass and run, but they're down 27-24 at halftime.

Whether or not we've gone back in time, the special teams performance in this game is awful.  The Bears have two touchdowns on ugly botched plays on punt team and punt return team, and the Vikes continue to give the Bears the ball around midfield with their absolute terror of Devin Hester (a mistake, in my opinion--work hard on covering Hester, don't just cede the Bears the ball at the 40 every kickoff).  The positive of the blocked field goal is negated by an offsides penalty on another field goal, giving the Chicago Kicker a 49 yarder instead of a 54 yarder.  The Vikings can pass and pass and pass all over this team, but the Bears are still taking advantage of all the lousy special teams plays from the Vikings.

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