Monday, October 06, 2008

Minnesota Vikings against the New Orleans Saints

Enjoy the game, everybody.  Let's hope the Viking defense really rattles Drew Brees and Adrian Peterson finds gaping holes behind Bryant McKinnie and runs for touchdowns.



    I feel like I'm watching the Vikings getting blown out: the Saints are slinging it all over the field (how many passes do I need to see get completed right in front of Cedric Griffin?), the Viking run game is getting smothered...but it's a 10-point halftime lead.

    If this keeps up, we'll be long referring to this as the Antoine Winfield game. I told my wife if we have a daughter her name should be Winfield and we'll call her Winnie. She said she'd get back to me on that.

    I'm still liking Gus Frerotte at QB.

    I disagree with the announcers on the clock management: the Vikes methodically worked their way into position to take two good shots at the endzone; failing that, they take a field goal and leave NO with no time. Really, they were at the 15 and had two good plays for a TD, but the execution was just off (and Berrian was covered well). It was done fine.

    Childress/Bevell: open your playbooks. Go to the pages with the inside screen passes. Tear them out. Throw them away. Close the playbook and move on.

    I have a weird feeling the NEXT offensive coordinator is going to come in here and say "I can't believe how good Adrian Peterson is," then start designing an offense to get him the ball in ways that utilize his strengths. I'd like to see some more cutbacks and counters, but then again, I'm not sure I know what those words mean without video games, so who am I to make such claims?

    When the Vikes had the Saints on 3rd and 22, didn't you just have a bad feeling?

    10 point lead against a great passing team that's been hurting itself with mistakes. The Vikes will have to play better offensively in the second half.

    I feel like E.J. Henderson would be making some of the tackles that are being missed out there.

    Antoine Winfield is my hero; he's been doing this sort of thing for his entire Viking tenure. Thanks, Antoine, for all the fun.

  2. Heath Farwell is gone, but one man isn't the story here, and at any rate the Vikings have to make kick and punt coverages with the roster they have.

    And they are TERRIBLE, and have been TERRIBLE all season long.

  3. Aaaaargh why kick to Bush? WHY? Damn you Vikings, you really suck this year!

  4. Kick to whomever; BUT THEN COVER THE PUNT!

    That's three punt returns for TDs, several long kick returns, several good punt returns, against the Vikings.

    This is now the Reggie Bush game, and I'm looking to quit being a Viking fan. I give up. At some point it's not worth it.

  5. All we need now is for Tavaris Jackson to come in and the season will have gone full circle. I'm not sure I can take much more of this either!

  6. Anonymous10:35 PM

    Who calls our plays? Childress or Bevel?

  7. Rumors of my retirement as a Viking fan have been greatly exaggerated.

    Bernard Freaking Berrian!

  8. I want to have Bernard Berrian's children. Come on Vikings!


    *goes to bed (5am!) finally happy*

  10. Anonymous7:55 AM

    Why can we not have an offensive set like the Saints? Open some things up. Peterson looks average with this offense right now. Clock management prior to half time was HORRIBLE. This is the NFL and you need points to win games. Field goals will cost you, as in the Colts game. Win is a win, but still not what we expected for this team. McKinnie was not the answer you have been implying. Hope Peterson kee4ps his head up. He has to realize our offense sucks.

  11. They went for TDs at the end of the first half. It was actually good clock management, in my opinion. They drove down slowly enough to not let the Saints get the ball back, good enough to have an easy field goal attempt if nothing else, but still in position at the 15 to take two good, reasonable chances at the TD. When you're driving at the end of the half, and you get to the 15 yard line and are able to run two solid plays attempting passes to the end zone, I think you've done a good job. Frerotte's passes were just off, and Berrian was covered well. The drive itself was managed well--the execution on the attempts to put the ball in the end zone just failed.

    It's frustrating they didn't get the TD, but when they throw two passes to the end zone from the 15 and kick the field goal because it is 4th down, I have nothing against the aggressiveness of the play calling.

    My defense of the play calling is strictly on that end-of-the-half drive. Other things are still questionable.

    But I do like that the Vikings tried some deep passes, and benefited from doing so. They have to keep that up.